Winter Window Cleaning

Empty room with snow scene background 3d render,There are white wall,wooden floor and ceiling,wood seat,decorate with fabric chair.There are big  windows look out to see nature view.Cold winter days usually translate to less time spent in the great outdoors. Nonetheless, if you own a home, there are still plenty of exterior chores that need to be maintained. One such chore is window cleaning, which comes with its own unique set of challenges due to the colder temperatures and the possibility of snow cover in our Eagle Mountain area. So, today, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about winter window cleaning. 

Why is Winter Window Cleaning Important?Cold Weather Windows

Dirt and grime accumulate on your windows year-round. Yet, in winter, there’s also the added risk of salt spray, depending on where you live. At any rate, the debris that lands on your windows can cause damage, such as etching to your glass, which can lead to costly repairs.

Removing such particles from your glass offers many benefits. From brightening the inside of your home on short winter days to allowing more sunlight to warm your home and the need for less artificial light, keeping your windows clean is important.

Professional Tips for Winter Window Cleaning

hand with a scraper cleaning a frozen window glassBefore you venture out into the cold, gathering your supplies is essential. Aside from needing a brush to wipe the snow away, you may also need the following supplies:

  • A sturdy ladder and a helper to hold it while in use.
  • Water and regular dish soap
  • Squeegee, bucket, towels, and extension pole
  • Waterproof gloves to protect your hands

The best time to clean your windows in winter months is during the day when temperatures are above the freezing mark. If the temperatures are at or below this mark, add a bit of rubbing alcohol to your water and soap solution. Usually, a ratio of 3:1, with three parts of soapy water to one part of rubbing alcohol, does the trick. Adding the alcohol to your water will keep it from freezing. But remember that you may need to adjust your ratio based on the temperature.

Here are some other cleaning tips to follow:view through the glass as a cute red dog funny licks pink tongue icicles with frosty patterns with a cold window in the winter morning burying his warm nose

  • Work fast to prevent frosting
  • Change towels often to avoid freezing, plus clean towels reduce streaking
  • Clean debris from the tracks and sills before washing the glass panes
  • Clean large windowpanes, such as picture windows, in smaller sections
  • Squeegee the water from top to bottom, wiping the squeegee between each stroke

Hiring Professional Window Cleaners

Winter Professional Window CleanerIf you’d prefer to avoid the cold and stay indoors where it’s toasty, you are in luck! You can leave your window cleaning to professionals, even in the cold winter months! Proline Window Cleaning offers year-round window cleaning services for homes and businesses. Whether you’re trying to glam your business for a holiday sale event or spruce up your house before the family arrives, we’ve got you covered!

So, if you wish to watch the snowfall behind clear windows this winter and live in or around Eagle Mountain, Utah, give Proline Window Cleaning a call today! We’ll help brighten and warm your home, even during the coldest month!

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