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Pro Line Window Cleaning is in Eagle Mountain City. The area is a master-planned community that captures a neighborhood feel of Utah’s urban corridor. We love our host city:

  • Eagle Mountain sits 40 miles southwest of Salt Lake City and 30 miles northwest of Provo, Utah at the western base of the Lake Mountains.
  • The historic Pony Express Trail runs through the city.
  • Since its incorporation in December 1996, the city’s population has grown from 250 residents to a projected 45,000 by the end of 2020
  • Eagle Mountain is one of the state’s fastest-growing communities.
  • It is the third-largest city geographically in the state of Utah.

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Eagle Mountain Life

Eagle Mountain residents enjoy quiet, safe neighborhoods with open space where families can play and enjoy spending time together. The city’s master plan includes more than 30 miles of jogging, bike, and horse trails, connecting Eagle Mountain’s residential developments.

History of the Area

Eagle Mountain is a new city in the Cedar Valley. Residents incorporated it approximately 20 years ago. At one point, the Cedar Valley was its own County in Utah.

  • Residents designated Cedar Fort as the county seat of Cedar County, which existed between 1856 and 1861, at which point it was reincorporated into Utah county.
  • In 1858, when Johnston’s Army arrived in Utah, it initially encamped at Cedar Fort, later moving near Fairfield to establish Camp Floyd.”
  • Even before Mormonpioneers arrived in 1847, Native American Tribesinhabited the area and Mexican traders had established trading routes.
  • The first federal military post in Utah, Camp Floyd was established in the southwestern portion of the valley.
  • At its high point, Camp Floyd housed one third of the country’s army reserves and boasted 3,500 troops and officers, 500 wagons, 600 horses and 3,000 mules-not to mention the merchants and camp followers that pushed the community population to nearly 7,000.
  • The valley is most famous for the Pony Express Trail, which crossed through the central part of the valley. In honor of this history, Eagle Mountain City annually celebrates its Pony Express Days in June.
  • Today, people move to Eagle Mountain for wide-open spaces and quality of life.
  • With an average issuance of 40+ residential building permits a month, the sheer size Eagle Mountain promises room for anyone who wants to raise a family in a master-planned community that incorporates the technology of today and tomorrow with the values from the past.

About Pro Line Window Cleaning in Eagle Mountain, Utah

Fast, efficient, and honest, Pro Line Window Cleaning has become are reputable and well-known Window Cleaning Service throughout Salt Lake City, Utah for residential, commercial, high-rise buildings and specialized cleaning for solar panels.You can trust and rely on our team for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. We want our customers to be satisfied with our work, which is why we provide open communication channels throughout the duration of each project.

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