Holiday Window Decor

Frosted window with Christmas decorationIf you’re looking for an easy way to dress up your home for the holiday season, consider adding decorations to your windows. Unlike the tedious and time-consuming task of stringing lights along your roof and home, sprucing up your windows is much safer and easier. Today, we will discuss the best holiday window decor.

Holiday Window Decorationshygge, decoration and christmas concept - candles burning in lanterns and festive garland on window sill at home

Below you will find our cost-effective ideas that serve as an easy way to make your home merrier, especially if you have a lot of windows. Options vary from battery-operated LED candles and traditional wreaths to garlands and ornaments. Let’s get started!

Kitchen Holiday Window Dressing

Small Christmas trees and festive decor in kitchenWhen it comes to decorating the windows in your home, don’t forget the kitchen! To achieve this look, you must use a long piece of garland swag, a wreath, and an oversized bow. The wreath hanging as the centerpiece really draws attention to this out-of-the-way display.

Ribbon-Embellished Garland3d rendering. christmas decorated porch with little trees and lanterns.

If you don’t want to go the extra mile or there’s no room to hang a wreath, opt for the long garland and thin red ribbons. This simple window decor adds greenery but is upgraded with a small pop of color from the ribbons placed at the top corners. Consider tying a knot rather than a traditional bow, as it adds a bit of understated charm.

Ribbon-Hung Wreaths

Christmas wreath made of natural fir branches hanging on a white wall. Wreath with natural ornaments: bumps, walnuts, cinnamon, cones. New year and winter holidays. Christmas decorThis classic look is always in style! Simply hang the wreaths using the striped ribbon of your choice. Conceal the small hook or nail by placing it at the top of your window frame. Just keep in mind that this Christmas window decoration works best with larger windows.

Bathroom Wreaths Bathroom christmas decor

When decorating your home’s windows, ensure that each one is covered – even the bathroom. Since most bathrooms feature small windows, it’s best to keep it simple by hanging a small wreath in front of the window.

Hanging Candle Wreath

an adventurous holiday at christmas provides a romantic atmosphere in the quiet advent time.Candles are a common sight in windows around Christmas. But why not spice it up a bit and add a metal hoop wreath candle holder? This item is sure to add the perfect flicker to your window. Don’t forget to invest in battery-operated LED candles rather than the open-flame variety.

Long Holiday Window HangingsBeautiful Christmas wreath hanging on window near fireplace in room

Do you have longer windows, such as those next to your front door? If so, consider stringing three wreaths together and hanging them for a nice display.

Christmas Ornaments

Red OrnamentIn today’s world, there are ornaments of every size. Combine oversized Christmas ornaments, garland, and a rosemary plant for this look. Your window will become the focal point of your room!

Christmas Card DisplayTraditional Christmas fireplace

Here’s a new way to display Christmas cards! Use twine or other festive string to create a garland, and then attach each of your cards before stringing it across the window of your choice.

Christmas Tree Window Decor

Fairytale winter christmas window and christmas object, christmas gifts.Though most people do this anyway, it’s worth mentioning. Place your Christmas tree in front of your home’s main window. If your tree is short, there are products you can use to give it the perfect boost. This is a great way to spread cheer and provide passersby with a nice view.

Christmas Window BoxChristmas window Box

Does your home have planter boxes near some of the windows? Transform them into a winter wonderland by adding holly and other greenery.

Holiday Window Decorations

As you can see, the best window decorations for Christmas are those that do not physically touch your windows. The last thing you want to do is scratch the glass removing decals or other types of decorations. So, play it safe and incorporate a “no touch” policy for your Christmas window decor. And remember, nothing will make your window displays shine and sparkle like clean windows. Call us today and let us clean to help prepare your home for your festive displays!

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